We have launched a Slackbot which you can invite to your Slack workspace.

Initially the functionality is limited to sending 24 hour low/high alerts to any channel the bot is invited to.

Adding the bot

To request that the bot join your workspace, simply click on the Add to Slack button below.

Removing the bot

Once the bot has been added, it will appear in your list of apps. To remove it, click on the bitcointicker app and then click on about and then settings.

You will be taken to the manage apps section for the bitcointicker app, and if you scroll to the bottom there is a Remove app button.

More information about removing applications can be found here


Only a very limited amount of data is stored which allows the bot to function, such as the metadata provided during the auth process which allows the bot to interact with your workspace.

Currently the bot simply checks which channels it belongs to when sending an alert. No information about channels is stored.

Any messages sent to the bot will not be stored.

Your data will never be shared with third parties. The intention is to simply offer a real time alert service within the Slack ecosystem.